Portrait Photography

Welcome to our portrait photography gallery, where we celebrate the art of capturing the beauty, personality, and the essence of an individual through the lens of a camera and the sculpting of light.

Everyone has a unique story to tell, and the goal of a true portrait photographer is to capture that story in an image that can be cherished for a lifetime. It is the specialized techniques of environmental portraiture that empower the ability to deliver images that tell a little more of your story and provide a lot more opportunity to showcase your personality, style, and character.   

Our creative director puts it this way...

"The Camera is like a time machine that can take you back to a moment frozen in time. So in that role the act of "taking a photograph" can have both personal and social value to us. However, I see my mission in photographic portraiture as much more than that. My participation in the co-creation of a portrait goes beyond my craft as a lightsmith, as it relies much more on my ability as a social scientist in the exploration of truth. In my approach to portraiture whether in the studio or in my subject's environment, the latin route of the word "studio" is taken seriously.  So I take the task of studying my subject into every portrait session and I expect my subjects to fully participate in that exploration. When that happens the results can be truly extraordinary" - Garnet McPherson

So, take a moment to explore this gallery and consider how a talented portrait photographer can help you capture your unique story and preserve it for generations to come.

"I find it curious and to an extent uncomfortable when people like to bestow a personal credit for a portrait I participate in.  I know full well that every one of my portraits is a collaboration between me and my subject.  I feel privileged to be given the exclusive time with my subjects required for authentic co-creation.  It is only on the strength of our collaboration that my portraits can become a photographic illustration of my interpretation of the reality within which my subjects are living.  For that I am eternally grateful"Garnet McPherson

Portrait sessions with Garnet McPherson start at $1000 and require a commitment of anywhere from 4 to 8 hours.  

"There is a great deal of difference between "Taking a Picture" and "Crafting a Portrait". I think it is well worth Investing the focused time with a talented environmental portrait photographer.  This is time well invested and the commitment required to fully collaborate on capturing your unique story and a precious moment in time." - Garnet McPherson

Environmental Portrait Photography

Environmental portraiture captures people in their natural environment, often including more details in their the surroundings. This style of photography can tell more of the story about the subject by providing additional context and information about their life, work, and environment.

Here are a few ways in which environmental photographic portraiture can tell more of the story about the subject:

  1. Context: By including the subject's environment in the photograph, environmental photographic portraiture provides context for the subject's life and work. This can help to paint a more complete picture of the subject's story and give the viewer a better understanding of their world.

  2. Personality: The surroundings can also reveal aspects of the subject's personality or character. For example, a fisherman in their boat on a misty lake can evoke a sense of peace and tranquility, while a farmer in their field can convey a sense of hard work and resilience.

  3. Relationships: Environmental photographic portraiture can also capture the subject's relationships with their environment and those around them. For example, a portrait of a street musician with a crowd of people in the background can show the connection between the musician and their audience.

  4. Storytelling: Environmental photographic portraiture can tell a story about the subject's life and experiences. By capturing the subject in their environment, the photograph can convey a sense of their daily life, work, and surroundings.

Environmental photographic portraiture can tell more of the story about the subject by providing additional context, revealing personality and relationships, and telling a story about their life and experiences. This style of photography adds ones environment as a character in the story and can be a powerful way to connect with the subject and their world. 

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