Landscape Photography

Welcome to our Photo Graphics landscape photography gallery, where we celebrate the beauty and majesty of the natural world through the lens of a camera.  Our creative director Garnet McPherson spent a summer with Ansel Adams and taught landscape photography at the Creative Arts Institute.  So its not supersizing that our skilled photographers have a deep passion for capturing the awe-inspiring landscapes that surround us, from towering mountains to vast oceans, serene forests to vibrant sunsets. 

Garnet is an environmentalist in every sense of the word and believes that nature has the power to inspire, calm, and uplift the human spirit. Our goal is to capture that beauty in a way that allows you to experience it from a new perspective.

Landscape photography has played an important role in raising awareness about environmental issues, encouraging conservation efforts, and inspiring people to take action to protect our planet's natural resources.

  1. Education: Landscape photography can be a powerful tool for education, showcasing the beauty and fragility of natural landscapes around the world. By capturing stunning images of forests, mountains, rivers, and other natural environments, landscape photographers can inspire people to appreciate and care for these places.

  2. Advocacy: Landscape photography can also be a powerful tool for advocacy and activism. Photographers can use their images to draw attention to issues such as deforestation, habitat destruction, and climate change, and encourage people to take action to protect the environment.

  3. Conservation funding: Landscape photography has also helped to generate funding for conservation efforts. Many photographers donate a portion of their sales or profits to conservation organizations or use their work to support conservation projects. A good example of this is the Eco Evolution project at the bottom of this page.

  4. Scientific research: Landscape photography can also contribute to scientific research and understanding of natural environments. By capturing images of ecosystems, photographers can provide valuable data about species diversity, population sizes, and other ecological factors.

  5. Ecotourism: Landscape photography can also contribute to the growth of responsible ecotourism. By showcasing the beauty and value of natural landscapes, photographers can encourage people to engage in activities that support conservation efforts, such as eco-tourism or responsible travel.

    So, take a moment to explore this gallery and how landscape photographers can help you discover new perspectives on the impressive beauty and wonder of the world around us. This is one form of art that can enhance your experience of being alive on this planet every day. 

Photo Graphics Environmental Projects

Climate change, pollution and loss of habitat are all factors that are impacting on the systems that support all life forms on earth. The Biosphere of our planet is in peril. Over 20,000 species went extinct last year and the rate of extinctions is increasing. We are well into the next great extinction event on Earth and we need a profound wake up call and to pull out all the stops to turn this trend around.

Photo Graphics is raising awareness around our collapsing eco systems and the resulting bio-diversity crisis through books, films, digital media and by mounting eco expeditions, all to bring the urgent attention of media personal and community leaders to currently threatened habitats and species.  We donate a portion of our revenues to the Eco Evolution project.

Our vision is not only to effect changes in public policy that protect nature at all costs, but to facilitate the evolution of human culture into one where our species embraces our role of stewards for life on Earth.

Contact us for information about our education and conservation programs.  Every half hour we are losing another species to extinction.  Humans are effectively committing a slow suicide and taking other species with us. 

You can help efforts to make this critical difference by donating to the Eco Evolution project today. 

So, reach out to us and share your aesthetic goals and we can match them with the talented specialists in landscape photography that are inspiring change.

Landscape Photography

When you buy and  display photographic landscapes you are not just supporting the conservation and protection of our natural world.  You are also enhancing your personal well being.  When you hang a photograph of a landscape it is like placing a window on your wall that magically has a view of your choosing.

Just like a window, a photograph captures a scene from a specific viewpoint but this one is selected by a photographer because it was especially interesting or captivating.  The viewer get to share the photographers unique perspective on that part of the world.

Like a window with a view a photograph of a landscape allows the viewer to escape their immediate surroundings and immerse themselves in a different environment. The photograph can evoke emotions and stir the imagination, transporting the viewer to another place and time they might not have the opportunity to visit in person.  A perspective on the world that can evoke emotions, and offer a unique and curated view of the world.

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Our team of photographic imaging specialists supports positive eco social Initiatives and appreciation of our cultural heritage.

We gratefully and respectfully acknowledge that Photo Graphics operations can take place on and over unseeded First Nations lands.

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