Imaging is on the threshold of a huge technical evolution which will also transform its role in our culture.
At Photo-Graphics we celebrate a form of photography that reflects an authentically inspiring perspective on the infinite beauty and complexity of the world we live in.  


PHOTO-GRAPHICS promotes excellence in visual communication. We celebrate the talents of those who use photographs and film to communicate the infinite beauty and complexity of our world.  We believe in appreciating and utilizing photography in its purest form to make a positive difference in our world.   Photo Graphics invests time and energy into supporting talented visual communicators.

Exhibition: In our virtual galleries we honor and exhibit the work of talented visual communicators. 

Resources: We create physical and digital resources to assist independent image and film makers. 

Representation: We represent gifted photographers in every genre of photography from around the world. 

Education: We have excellent photo instructors that lead courses, workshops and seminars across the country. 

Exploration: We have travel photographers who are available to lead photo treks to various destinations around the world.

Explore this site as we reflect on the role photography has in our culture. We intend for it to inform, engage and inspire you to bring photographic art to your work and personal life.

PHOTOGRAPHIC COMMUNICATION - "Photography is a powerful communications tool because it communicates instantly and reaches beyond borders and cultures within a glance. No other media approaches the realistic credibility of a photograph. In fact a photo is often responsible for most of what is remembered from a given communication. Often delivering multiple messages in one image. The Photographic industry is evolving rapidly and this site exhibits the work of talented professionals on the leading edge creating photographic illustrations that deliver messages with impact." - Garnet McPherson

Our Creative Director - Garnet McPherson

Garnet McPherson has been a photographer, designer, writer and film maker for over four decades.  He taught design and film at Sheridan Collage and was the Dean of Photography at Creative Arts Institute. 
He is also the Creative Director for Media Arts Group Inc, Aerial Photo Graphics, Sailing Imaging, and Graphic Exposures.

In his early years, Garnet benefited from the guidance of some very successful mentors.  For most of his professional career, he has been generously mentoring and supporting artists and was the major force behind the creation of two arts centres.  He played a central role in created 5 co-operative studios across the country to support the works of independent photographers and film makers. His work, not just in visual communications but as and eco-social visioneer has informed and inspired this site.  

As an elder in the communication arts community Garnet is still explores the world through a lens, but spends much of his time supporting and mentoring the next generation of image makers.  

Welcome to Photo Graphics galleries, where we celebrate the art of capturing infinite beauty of life on earth.  Here you will see the work of skilled photographers who are dedicated to creating stunning images that tell a story, evoke emotions, and capture the essence of special moments in time.  Talented professionals delivering high-quality images that make a difference.  A deep passion for photography is evident in every picture, and the attention to detail and commitment to excellence reflect that these image are crafted with the end result in mind. So, take a moment to explore our galleries and discover how crafted imaging can help you tell your story as only photography can.

Photography could be considered as the most powerful communications technology ever invented.  Photography has become the dominant media in advertising, marketing and public relations, corporate branding, editorial, and education for obvious reasons:

  1. Visual appeal: Photographs have a strong visual appeal and can capture the attention of the viewer in a way that other media may not. They can convey the beauty, emotions, and atmosphere of a subject, making it more appealing and memorable to the audience.

  2. Credibility: Photographs have a high level of credibility as they are viewed as objective representations of reality. This is especially important in advertising and corporate branding, where trust and authenticity are crucial in establishing a brand's reputation.

  3. Versatility: Photographs can be used to convey information, evoke emotions, and tell simple or complex stories in a variety of media.  Because it is universally understood its application are not limited by the spoken language of its audience so it is also effective globally.

For effective communication, well crafted photography tends to be the best investment as it has the proven ability to yield results on many levels of the human experience.

Visit Our Virtual Galleries 

Our Natural World

Explore our nature and landscape photo galleries. where we celebrate the beauty, majesty, and diversity of the natural world through the lens of a camera. 

Nature and Wildlife photography continues to play an important role in raising awareness about environmental issues, encouraging conservation efforts, and inspiring people to take action to protect our planet. Our team of skilled photographers have a deep passion for the environment and for capturing the unique personalities, behaviors, and habitats of the world's most fascinating animals many of which are now threatened by human activity. 

"We need to use photography to facilitate the evolution of human culture into one where our species embraces our role of stewards of life on Earth." -Garnet McPherson

We must never forget that the biosphere on earth is our life support system. We depend on it for survival.  So two of our nine galleries are dedicated exclusively to the appreciation and conservation of Our Natural World.

Explore These Galleries 

Our Natural World 

Photography can act as a catalyst for positive change.

Our Human World

Explore our The visual awareness of the talented photographers exhibited in our virtual galleries enables us to bring you a glimpse of the energy and diversity of human culture through powerful imagery.  Images that capture both the challenges and opportunities of our times. 

These talented artists seek out the simple beauty in a complex society to capture stunning images that showcase the vibrancy, creativity, and character of the human experience on planet earth.  It can work to illuminate pathways to solutions in society.

We have seven galleries dedicated to aspects of human culture.

Explore The Galleries 

Our Human World

The Super Powers Of Images

A photograph can tell a story better than words because it has the power to capture a moment in time and convey emotions, atmosphere, and context in a single image.  Words can add unseen textures to a story but not as much impact.

  1.  A photograph is a universal language that transcends barriers such as culture, language, and literacy. Anyone can understand the emotions and message conveyed by a photograph, regardless of their background or level of education.
  2. A photograph can convey a story in a way that words cannot match. The visual impact of a photograph can create an immediate emotional response in the viewer, leaving a lasting impression that resonates long after the image is viewed.
  3. A photograph can transport the viewer to a different place, time, or culture, offering an immersive experience that can be difficult to achieve with words alone. The viewer can explore the details and nuances of the image, imagining themselves as part of the story.
  4. A photograph can capture a moment in time that is timeless and memorable. It can preserve a unique and fleeting moment in history, conveying a message or emotion that will remain relevant for years to come.
  5. A photograph can simplify complex information and convey it in a straightforward manner. A single image can summarize an event, a concept, or a complex idea, making it easier for the viewer to understand and remember.

Photography excels at telling a stories because it has the ability to capture emotions, concepts, information, and context all in a single image, creating an immersive experience that transcends barriers and leaves a lasting impression on the viewer.  It actually has to ability to inform our view of the world we life in and it has become the single most powerful tool in the world of communication.

Garnet McPherson is the author of several books on visual media and and in this book he explores the state of photographic image making and its evolving social and cultural impacts.

Like in most of modern culture changes are happening at an accelerating pace yet not all of these changes will be good for the human race.  Our development in technology has outpaced our cultural and social development and that disconnect poses problems for our future. 

The Evolution Of Image Making

Photography has evolved greatly in terms of its function in society since it was first invented in the 19th century.  In his new book Garnet McPherson explores the many powerful roles that photography plays in modern society and how as technology evolves, the applications and implications continue to evolve.

Documentation: In its early years, photography was primarily used as a tool for documentation. Photographs were used to capture and preserve images of people, places, and events for historical or archival purposes. With the development of digital photography its ability to document has expanded into security, science and technology applications that are now woven throughout our culture.

Artistic expression: As photography became more accessible, it began to be used as a medium for artistic expression. Photographers began to experiment with different styles and techniques, using photography to express their creativity and vision.  New technologies are now adding impressive possibilities to the pallet of the photographic artist.

Journalism: Photography played a crucial role in journalism, especially during times of war and conflict. Photographs captured the realities of war and social injustice, helping to raise awareness and spark change.  However photo journalism is in the midst of a fundamental transition.

Advertising: Photography also became a key medium in advertising, with companies using photographs to promote their products and services to a wider audience and now augmented reality technology has added a whole new set of possibilities to  advertising imaging.

Social media: The rise of the use of cel phones and social media has led to an explosion in the use of photography as a means of communication. People now use photographs to share their experiences, connect with others, and express their identities yet this too is about to go through a transformation.

Video: Combining motion photography with sound has transformed communication of dynamic story telling capabilities that is of course now ubiquitous across broadcast and digital media around the world attracting more traffic than other content and still growing audiences.  Just as digital video transformed the industry, AI has now opened a whole new set of possibilities in the video and film making industry.

Imaging is on the threshold of huge technical transformations which will change its role in our culture. 
In "The Evolution Of the Lightsmith" Garnet explores these changes and what it will mean to our future.


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